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Established to provide Service and Support.

Control Transducers Ltd was formed in 1975 to provide the products and the technical support which we believed were missing from the industry.

The success of Control Transducers Ltd centred around a broad range of pressure sensors which included products for a wide range of applications. The growth of the company also coincided with a shift in the sensor market-place. They are no longer low volume, high cost devices but in many instances, they are now low cost commodity products which are finding many new areas of applications.

Having good products is just part of Control Transducers Ltd success. It is the continuous engineering and applications support available from the company which has made it popular among sensor users during design, development and production.

There is no "black art" to applying sensors but they are one of the few products to fall between the expertise of mechanical and electronics engineers. As a result, our Applications Team is constantly busy helping users match the sensor to the application.

Who are Control Transducers Ltd

We are the type of company you can talk to. As an Application Team, we have over a centenary’s experience between us and it’s in constant use.

In fact, the advice and service comes free with the product, we don’t charge for it.

Control Transducers Ltd gives engineers the right price and the chance to deal with other engineers, not salesmen.

Why don't you give us a call. Our Free data sheets and engineering notes give you all the technical background you’ll need on our products.

So What Can We Do For You?

It is our aim to advise customers in choosing, specifying & usage of PHYSICAL SENSORS that will give trouble-free operation at the highest quality and at the right cost which will make him/her the market leaders in their field, be it an evaluation project, development, test-rig, refurbishment, pre-production or full-scale production.

As a Buyer, Designer, Engineer, Project Manager, Service or Production Manager, you will be fully aware of the decision required in selecting the correct sensor. Therefore, contact us for your Engineering Consultant Service which you can trust and have confidence in.

We will help you in choosing the best sensor for your application and also guide you through the development, the pre-production and ensure trouble-free installation/operation at the production stage.

Our services don't stop there. WE WILL SUPPORT YOUR SERVICE ENGINEER in the field with respect to mishaps, installation advice and training.

Do you have a sensor requirement, then contact us for an engineering discussion in our workshop or request a meeting at your premises with our Applications Engineer.

Customer Design

Do you have an application which requires a special sensor? We can design a sensor together with you or modify an existing product to meet your requirements ....

Which means we can make the most rational use of materials (sensor) and the correct construction starting from the drawing board stage onwards.

After a specification has been agreed, a sample unit will be issued for your testing, to ensure that the sensor will meet your specific requirement and application, in order for your product to have high reliability, stability and quality at the right cost.

Making use of existing products, we can reduce cost without reducing quality.

To discuss your requirements, simply call us.

Technical training Courses

Control Transducers Ltd offers the unique opportunity to share our sensor knowledge with you, for your engineers to become more qualified in the use and installation of sensors.

The training comes with years of experience and you can choose on-site course or consultancy, together with the level of training and we will do the rest.


Together with the sensor, we also offer a wide choice of simple conditioning modules and digital controllers/indicators which are accurate and easy-to-use instrumentation, for use directly with most types of sensors.

Technical Backup

If you have any queries or questions, do not hesitate to contact our Engineering Dept., visit our Workshop, request our Engineer to visit, request Engineering Notes or fax our help-line or have a complete set sent in the post.

Inspection & Repair Service

Control Transducers Ltd policy is to help you to select and evaluate a sensor which meets your needs. We also provide an IN-HOUSE REPORT and TEST SERVICE in Bedford.

In the event of a breakdown occurring, we will report to you on the mode of breakage and its probable cause or causes. From the information, breakage trends can be established and corrective action taken, thereby

This service is FREE whether the sensor is in warranty or not.

Evaluation Units (try before you buy)

Sensors are available for your evaluation on a 30 or 60 DAYS basis (Sale or Return,) absolutely free, no money to pay etc.

Don't Forget

Control Transducers Ltd job has not finished before a successful installation has been completed.

So, if you want more information on any of the above, just ASK for your personal mailing pack.

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