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Pressure Measurement Sensors PRESSURE MEASUREMENTS
You can choose the ideal pressure sensor for your application. Control Transducers Ltd specialise in supplying, evaluation, customising and helping customer with specifying pressure sensors which meets with the application requirements.

It can be simple modification such as different mechanical fittings, different electrical connectors, labelling, couplings etc or a complete sensor built specifically for your requirement.

We already have hundreds of models which are specifically made for specific applications; we may already have solved your requirement.

We can measure from one gram to 2000 tonnes, in other words, peppercorns to battleships - well almost! and for use in laboratory conditions to coalmines. Some of our eighteen different models allow measurements to be made off-axis where it is difficult for you to align the load sensor with the force, while others use the cantilever principle and can be used where you are restricted for height. We can freely give you expert guidance before you install and use the load sensor and continue this through to after-sales service.
Load/Force Measurement Sensors
Linear Measurement Sensors LINEAR MEASUREMENTS
Many types of machines, like micro-dosimeters for hospital patient medication or vehicle engines or guillotine presses need to measure movement or position accurately and consistently. Our models of linear sensors include both non-contact types for delicate measurements requiring zero friction and indefinite life, as well as contact types with very long-life and the ability to measure from microns to 1.3 metres. A very compact arrangement can be achieved by putting one of our linear sensors inside a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.
"Digipots" are small digital shaft encoders having a single hole fixing just like panel-mounting electronic potentiometers and "Digimods" are similar but are modular and are designed to run directly on your shaft. Both measure movement and speed. Long-life potentiometers are built for continuous rotation and can measure position very accurately. We can supply you with all three types which can be used in a variety of applications from micro-surgery robots to windmills. Every month we forward-provision our OEM production customers to ensure on-time delivery to meet our customers’ needs. We also hold buffer stocks.
Rotary Measurement Sensors
Inclinometer Measurement Sensors INCLINOMETER MEASUREMENTS
The measurement of inclination can be made by using our tilt sensors, whether you want to measure the tilt on the Tower of Pisa or the list of a ship in distress. You have a choice of six models including analogue types for high accuracy and digital type with computer outputs for easy interfacing with control micro-processors. All our sensor are made to high quality standards and are dependable thereby enhancing your application and making it successful



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